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Neighbourhood Pharmacy Staff: Apollo


Store Mascot
Neighbourhood Pharmacy Staff: Todd



Todd opened up Neighbourhood Pharmacy because he wanted to have a more personal feel to his pharmacy, something that big box stores can’t offer. His goal is to run Neighbourhood Pharmacy the way old-fashioned stores used to be, with friendly service, helpful and familiar staff, and a good rapport within the community. Because of his outgoing personality and attentiveness, people come to the store specifically to see Todd. Todd specializes in geriatrics and loves the store because everyone knows each other. When he is not at the Neighbourhood Pharmacy, he is swimming in national and international competitions. He is more than a busy man!

Neighbourhood Pharmacy Staff: Joseph



Joseph has been at Neighbourhood Pharmacy since 1995 and is a graduate from the Pharmacy program at the University of Toronto. Joseph likes helping the patients that call and/or come to the store, spending time with them is what makes his job enjoyable. He knows most of the customers that come through the door by name, and appreciates being part of a store, and a company, with such a good rapport within the community. “Furthermore”, he says, “the work environment is great”.

Neighbourhood Pharmacy Staff: Jeremyn


Store Manager

Jeremyn has been at Neighbourhood Pharmacy since 2002. She enjoys working here because she has the freedom to evolve and Todd (the owner) allows the staff to make the store their own. Originally Jeremyn worked part-time at Neighbourhood Pharmacy during high school but moved out west to enjoy the outdoor air of Alberta. Upon her return she was rehired and has been a part of the team ever since. 

Neighbourhood Pharmacy Staff: Clara


Pharmacy Assistant

Clara declares that Neighbourhood Pharmacy is “famous within the community!” She has worked here since 2008 and enjoys that she learns a lot from the staff, the customers, and the owners. “Everyone is nice” she says. As well as English, Clara is fluent in Chinese and Mandarin.  Clara is a graduate in Music from the University of Toronto and plays flute and piano, and sings. She is a woman of many talents!

Neighbourhood Pharmacy Staff: Pauline


Pharmacy Assistant

Pauline grew up in Newfoundland and moved to Ontario in 2006. Pauline has been a part of the Neighbourhood Pharmasave team since 2010. She's gotten to know the customers on a personal level, knowing their conditions and what treatments they are going through. She feels more than comfortable speaking to the customers and giving them advice. Pauline is a graduate from the College of the North Atlantic in Newfoundland, with a diploma in Office Administration Executive, branched into Medical.

Neighbourhood Pharmacy Staff: Khiloud


Pharmacy Assistant

The newest member of the team, Khiloud has been at Neighourhood Pharmacy since 2011. She received her education as a lab technician overseas, and since coming to Canada 15 years ago has continued her education to become a pharmacy technician. She enjoys working at the store because there is a good working environment that allows space to grow and gain experience. Pharmasave offers assistance with education, which Khiloud appreciates, because this allows her to assist the customers in better ways. 

Neighbourhood Pharmacy Staff: Jenn


Front Store Associate

Jenn, has been with Neighbourhood Pharmacy since 2004. She likes the comfortable, homey feel of the store and says that “it does not have the ‘I have to go to work’ feel.” She enjoys walking through the doors to start her shifts each week because of the customers, the staff, and the constant desire to provide good customer service. Jenn knows that Neighbourhood Pharmacy is held in high regard within the community and works hard to keep up that reputation.

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